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Virtual Race Series

Entries and uploading of results will be carried out on the opentrack platform at

  1. This race series is for Cheltenham Harriers members only
  2. Race 1 is a 3km (1.87 miles) individual time trial
  3. Your run should be a solo run in accordance with government social distancing guidelines
  4. You are responsible for devising a safe route and ensuring both your own safety and the safety of others during your run
  5. Runs should take place between Monday 4th May and Sunday 10th May. Your run must be uploaded to the opentrack website by 11:59pm on Sunday 10th May. The time you enter is the time elapsed on your runn
  6. You should avoid the use of excessively downhill loops. A maximum total elevation loss of 20 feet between the start and finish would be the limit of what is seen as appropriate. Ideally courses would be a loop, or an out and back course, so that the start an finish are close together.
  7. GPS measuring is more likely to be inaccurate if a series of small loops are used, Therefore loops of shorter than 0.5 miles should be avoided.
  8. You must enter your time on the opentrack website to the next full second. eg 10:11.23 should be entered as 10:12 (this is how they time actual road races)
  9. Upload a link to your Garmin/Strava record to the opentrack website, we may need to give additional guidance on this later.
  10. Live updates of other runners times will appear on the website during the week
  11. Scoring for the series will be based on a handicap system rather than actual time. This is nothing to do with your runbritain handicap and results from this event will not appear there or on power of 10.
  12. In a real world handicap race the slowest runner would start first and then other runners would start at various intervals, based on how much quicker the handicapper thinks they will run than the slowest runner. eg, if the handicapper thinks the slowest runner should run 13:00 and the fastest runner 8:20 then the fastest runner would start 4:40 after the slowest. The idea is that everyone should finish in close proximity (well, that is IF they run to form and IF the handicapper has good promises on that one!).
  13. The event time that a runner receives is the actual time it takes them to run their race plus the allocated time given to them by the handicapper. So in the example above, our opening runner runs a time of 12:50 whilst the runner who started last ran 8:18. This runner would have a cumulative time of 12:58 (8:18 +4:40) and will have finished 8 seconds behind the runner who started first.
  14. The opentrack website will not calculate these handicap adjusted times. These will be done manually and shown on a spreadsheet on the club website. This is not live and will updated at the organisers convenience.
  15. Points based on your handicap race position from each race will count towards the Cheltenham Harriers Virtual Race Series. The exact points system will be determined after the opening race when we have a better idea of numbers of participants. Each runner completing a race will definitely score at least one point. A points table will also appear on the club website.
  16. The number of races in the overall series is currently unknown, but it will be designed so that athletes can miss races and still be involved, ie. if the series was 6 races then your best 4 race scores only would count towards your series score.
  17. Handicaps are likely to alter during the series
  18. The distances of the races in the series will vary from race to race.
  19. Races are likely to be every 2 weeks, but this may alter and participants will be informed.
  20. Rules may alter at the discretion of the series organiser. We are developing and experimenting with both the format and the website, please be patient if once we start there are obvious flaws in the system.