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Membership and Subs

Membership – New Members

If you are thinking about becoming a member then feel free to come and visit us at the Prince of Wales stadium or come and try a few training sessions. Membership of Cheltenham & County Harriers is available to those aged 9 to adult. On this site, go to Home/About/Training Groups to see details of training days.

Membership subscriptions are due annually in March each year, with the Membership year commencing on April 1st. New members joining on or after October 1st  pay half a year’s subscription plus their England Athletics registration fee if applicable (EA registration is required if you intend to compete for the Club in track & field/ cross country/ road racing).

To apply for membership, see the link to the online form below. Payment is accepted via BACS.

Existing Members - Membership renewal

Membership for 2022/ 2023

The link to the Membership site is now live.

Please suspend your enthusiasm momentarily and read the following before you follow the link:  

The Harriers have moved to a fully online system to manage Memberships, receive payments, streamline processes. There will be a period of familiarisation for everyone, so be assured that any hitches on the transfer and set up will be addressed.

If you are applying for yourself as an adult you will see the options to set up and complete all aspects of the Membership process.

If you are a parent / guardian and therefore applying for Membership on behalf of a young athlete (i.e. 16 or under), you will be asked to set up an account for yourself first, and then to set up the one for the athlete member. This is all prompted within the system.

You will also be reminded to then set up the monthly ddm relating to training at the Stadium. These have been outlined previousl.

Details of payments for the 365 Groups will follow shortly, as most have already paid up to date and the new block’ starts at the end of April for the period until July 1st.

Please bear with us on this; the whole point of the move to this system is to make the payment process consistent and easier to manage for all. It is not to try to bring in any significant increase or to penalise any Membership Groups. Any discrepancies, overpayments, dates, glitches can be sorted out.

Please be patient – compared to previous years there are a number of steps to complete  (as with any sign ups). You will need to set up the Go Cardless DDM even for the one of Annual Membership. We will look to add other payment options at a later date.

Families with three or more joiners – the discount of £5 per person will be allocated when the third person applies.

Any queries please contact:

Life Members, Coaches please also email for information.

For a walkthrough on how to sign up follow the link here.

Sign up for 2022/23 Membership and Subs here

Membership - Cost

The following membership costs apply:

 Membership Type Full Membership

Full membership (including EA registration)


All other athlete members (Training only/ second claim/NuStarz etc.)


 *Full time University Students/ Over 65   £10 discount

*Family Discount – Families of three or more receive £5 discount per Full Member 

Note: the EA fee was raised last year to £16 but the Harriers absorbed the cost. That amount is not set by us and is immediately paid over to EA for your Unique Reference Number (URN).

Training session fees
Since the move away from cash two years ago, the payment and reconciliation of training fees has taken up a lot of time in terms of making payments (by members) and reconciliation of receipts (by volunteers).

As part of the simplification process, we are moving to a monthly payment system, based on the number of sessions attended with your training group. These are:

  Monthly by ddm
Nu Starz £10    
Training once per week £10
Training twice or more per week £20
Ad-hoc/non group members (using PoW Stadium) £5
Senior Endurance Group/Para track (part year/ off/on track) £7

* 365 training details to follow

You will be able to set up these payments once you are logged into the online system.