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Midsummer Open Graded

The Midsummer Open Graded meetings take place at the Prince of Wales Stadium on the first four Wednesday evenings in July each year. Over the series of meetings all field events are held, whilst track events are contested over all standard distances, as well as some races over the less standard distances. Events are held for all age groups from the under 13 age group upwards.

Date of competition

  • The dates in 2019 are Wednesdays 3th, 10th, 17th and 24th July and the timetable and entry information will follow in due course.

Entry details

Advance entries can be made online only. The closing date is the Saturday before each meeting.

Last year we closed the 5000m entries before the closing date and did not permit entries on the day for this event. We would anticipate that this would be the case again this year.

ENTRY FEES INCREASE SUBSTANTIALLY ON THE DAY because we want people to enter in advance rather than on the day. This makes it easier for us to give the athletes a better organised meeting and to get results out quicker. Please help us by entering in advance! On the day entries close one hour before the event time to allow seeding to take place. Disability throwing events are pre-entry only.

Please note that when entering you will be asked for an expected performance so that races can be seeded based on these times. You MUST do this or you will not be allocated into a race. Races are not run by age/gender but against athletes of a similar standard based on the information you give.

Competition information

2019 Events and Timetable (DOC)
2019 Events and Timetable (PDF)

Races will be run in order from fastest to slowest (the only exception to this may be the 5000m on 10th July where races will be seeded in advance and entrants informed of their race and the race number)

All races are run under senior false start rules as they are graded and may contain senior athletes.

Throws/Jumps: each athlete will have 4 throws on throwing events and 4 jumps on long/ triple jump. However, there may be 6 throws/jumps in field events at the discretion of the officials.

Athletes can only compete in events allocated to their own age group. They cannot compete as a different age category.

By entering you agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times, occupation and age category.