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Cheltenham Midsummer 5000m 2019

Cheltenham Midsummer 5000m

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Prince of Wales Stadium, Cheltenham

Races from 7.30pm

The race will be run in order from A to D. Please be aware that the scheduled start time is

We currently have some spare spaces in each race and will accept further entries if space permits in the right standard race. It would be better to check in advance if you wish to enter

Start Lists

A race

For proven sub 16 minute runners. It will be paced at 14:30 pace, with a second pacemaker at around 15:00

1 Maciej Bialgonski Bristol
2 Harry Bishop Unattached
3 Richard Dare Cheltenham
4 Richard de-Camps Cheltenham
5 James Denne Gloucester
6 Marcus England Cheltenham
7 Dom James Cheltenham
8 Callum Jones Bristol
9 Charlie Jones Cheltenham
10 Alex Lee Cheltenham
11 Mohamed Daud Mohamed Coventry
12 John Parker Cheltenham
13 Felix Rusby Yeovil
14 Olly Sheppard Bristol
15 Dan Thomas Cheltenham
16 Michael Towler Avon Valley
17 Joe Turner Cheltenham
18 Doug Wight Cheltenham
19 Adam Wilson Yate


B race

For those showing current 16:00 -17:30 form. The race will be paced at just under 16 minute pace, with a second pacemaker at around 16:45 pace.

20 Dave Aubrey Cheltenham
21 Jonathan Barnes Cheltenham
22 Alex Betts Oxford University
23 Themis Bower Team Bath
24 Edward Brooks Oxford University
25 Chris Cleary Cheltenham
26 Charles Coomer Oxford University
27 Andrew Drake Bristol
28 Chris Elmer Team Bath
29 Mark James Cheltenham
30 Henry James Cheltenham
31 Tom Kabala CLC Striders
32 Tim Kelly Cannock & Staffford
33 Luke Murray Clevedon
34 Dan Schofield Cheltenham
35 Eliot Taylor Cheltenham
36 William Trew Chippenham
37 Richard Walsh Worcester
38 Peter Woodward Forest of Dean


C race

For those showing current form between 17:30 and 19:00. It will be paced at just under 17:30 pace, with a second pacemaker at 18:30 pace.

39 Tom Ball Abingdon
40 Gemma Collier Gloucester
41 James Eastwood Almost Athletes
42 Naomi Eaton Cheltenham
43 Gareth Edwards Cheltenham
44 John Featherstone Newent
45 Bethan Francis Avon Valley
46 Steve Hall Cheltenham
47 Mike Hughes Cheltenham
48 Andrew Kaighin Cheltenham
49 Ryan Knight Hereford Couriers
50 Matt Lambourne Cheltenham
51 Clark Lawson Cheltenham
52 Steve Linton Cheltenham
53 Mike Mansfield Gloucester
54 Dan Minors Cheltenham
55 Will Pearce CLC Striders
56 Jamie Penton Cheltenham
57 Tom Radley Cheltenham
58 Will Richmond Severn
59 Martin Soakell Cheltenham
60 Chloe Wheeler Forest of Dean


D race

For those showing current form of between 19:00 and 20:59 with the pacemaker going just under 19 minute pace.

61 Steve Bradley Cheltenham
62 Fiona Brady-Miller CLC Striders
63 Darren Broady Hereford Couriers
64 Ella Burfitt Cheltenham
65 Shaun Carr Almost Athletes
66 Caroline Cotterell Cheltenham
67 Hannah D'Ambrosio Cheltenham
68 Michael Ede Cheltenham
69 Jonathan Floyd Cheltenham
70 Martin Ford Cheltenham
71 Matthew Hickman Almost Athletes
72 Nick Holliday Cheltenham
73 Ben Lees Cheltenham
74 Piotr Michalski Almost Athletes
75 Paul Northup CLC Striders
76 Matt Powell Gloucester
77 Rachel See Cheltenham
78 Sarah Sheppard Cheltenham
79 Rachel Vines CLC Striders
80 Hayley Winters Gloucester
81 Matt Wood Cheltenham