Upper YDL 28th May

30 May 2023

Final results not totally confirmed but here you go! It really was a cracking day. Lots of laughs, lots of cheers and support. 
The U17 & U20 team travelled to the 2nd Upper YDL in Carmarthen on Sunday. Due to holidays, exams & distance - the team was somewhat down, but definitely not out!
Lewis Burnett-Hockey kicked us off with a debut hammer, finishing 3rd and Abi followed with her maiden 300 Hurdles in 58.36 for the first of her 4 events of the day.
With the wind at times as high as +5.3, the field events were a challenge but we enjoyed comfortable wins once again from Skyla and Zoe in hammer and Mimi in the javelin. Charlie won the men's javelin with 54.85, finished 2nd in his debut discus and 2nd with a PB in the shot A string. Charlie rounded off his day stepping into the 4x400 relay! Also in the throws, Mark equalled his Shot PB with Lewis finishing 2nd in the B string. Billy & Mark rounded off the throws, each finishing 2nd in Discus.
Great PBs in the jumps with Barney Shaw jumping 6.01(w) in LJ and exactly double that 12.02(w) in TJ, Isla jumping 4.98 in LJ with Barney Heath-Smith and Isobel Burfitt jumping 10.93 & 8.05 in TJ. Billy won the B string TJ in 10.51.
(Photo: Barney Shaw in the Long Jump)
Having officiated on the Women's Pole Vault earlier in the day, Bexley then went on to win his own event - clearing 3.60 for a great PB before stepping in to the 800m just 5 minutes later.
Over to the track and some great performances, albeit with a little help from the sometimes crazy wind! PBs for Pablo in the 100 in 10.31w and he stepped into the U20 200 with a great 23.67 PB. Alastair also enjoyed a double-PB with10.92w and 23.28w. Harry Vale 11.89w, Liam Burnett-Hockey 12.42w and Bea Morley 13.57w all scored 100m PBs. In the 200 we also saw PBs from Henry Court 25.91w, and both stepping in - Freddie Coombe 24.85w and Ellis Woolley 28.42w, with Isla finishing 3rd in the 80H with a 12.51w PB.
We dominated in the distance races with wins for Isaac & Dom in the 1500 and an A string win and PB for Amelie in the 1500 (5.36.75), with Milly taking the B string win. Isobel Watt and Harriet won the A & B string 3000s (and Isobel the U20 800) and Sam won the U17 Men's race. Dom & Sam stepped in to 'jog' the U17 800 but natural instinct took over and they won those races too!
(Photo: Amelie Paul in the 1500m) 
In total we had 12 athletes filling in for extra events to bridge the gaps in the throws and track events to maximise our points, culminating with the 4x400 U20 relays. The team spirit on the day was incredible, with everyone contributing, but special mention has to go to our 2 U17 steeplechasers Abi & James. Both, after falling in their last water jumps, went on to run in the 4x400 U20 relays to make the team up - Abi soaking wet, but still smiling, with just minutes to spare and James who was roped in (literally as the women were running!) with minutes to spare, tripping at the start, grazing himself quite badly on his shoulder and thigh, and getting back up to complete the 3rd leg, with us finishing 2nd.
A fantastic result, with a full team of officials, gaining maximum points there too - we finished the day 2nd to the mighty Avon, 40 points clear of 3rd place. This hopefully means, with a good result in Aberdare on the 2 July, we should progress to the Regionals. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part, and absolute proof that every point really counts!