Quadkids - Brewer Games 2021

23 September 2021

The Brewer Memorial Games host the annual Quadkids competition where U11 and U13 athletes compete in a sprint event, endurance event, jump and throw, performances are compared with a national table that provide standardised scores meaning girls and boys compete against one another in the overall competition. 

In the U13 competition there was an incredible victory for Caleb Green with a total points score of 261. Green began the day with a solid performance in the 100m running 14.1. Green then produced the 2nd quickest 800m time of the day, 2:36.Green jumped 1.94 in the standing long jump and threw 34.4 in the Howler. 

Maddie Thomson was the stand out performer in the 800m running the quickest time of the day, 2:33. The performance, paired with a 15.5 100m, 1.80 standing long jump and 18.3 howler, helped elevate Thomson to 7th girl and 14th overall. Finishing just ahead of Thomson overall was Evie Avery as 6th girl and 13th overall. Avery ran 15.0 in the 100m, 2:37 in the 800m, jumped to 1.71 and threw the howler 19.3. Olivia Avery also put together an impressive string of performances to finish 9th girl and 18th overall with 15.3 in the 100m, the 2nd quickest 800m time of the day, 2:35, a 1.68 standing long jump and14.6 Howler. 

Josh Hill launched the howler out to 36.4, the 3rd furthest throw of the day. Hill was also one of only 10 athletes to jump over 2metres in the standing long jump with a best of 2.02. Hill also ran 16.0 in the 100m and 2:48 in the 800m giving him an overall finishing position of 6th boy and 9th overall. Benjamin Parker also jumped over 2metres with a best of 2.09. Parker also produced a throw of 32.2, 100m run of 14.2 and 800m run of 3:29 meaning he finished as 10th boy and 23rd overall. Amber Tandy finished one place higher in the overall standings in 22nd and 13th girl thanks to performances of 14.5 in the 100m, 2:59 in the 800m, 2.02 in the standing long jump and 16.9 in the howler. Performances of 15.1 in the 100m, 3:02 in the 800m, 1.85 in the standing long jump and 19.5 in the howler earnt Elizabeth Teague a fantastic 15th girl and 25th overall. Ollie Kieth was 12th boy and 29th overall with 16.3, 3:20, 1.54 and 27.6 in the 100m, 800m, standing long jump and howler respectively. Just one place back Fred Buckland finished 13th boy and 31st overall with 14.9 100m, 3:26 800m, 1.85 standing long jump, 20.7 howler. Despite only competing in 3 of the 4 events Charlotte Smith impressed thanks to a huge 2.27 in the standing long jump, the furthest jump of the day by a big margin. Smith also ran 14.2 in the 100m and threw 27.3 in the Howler. Eddie Atkins chose to focus on the 800m and howler running 2:40 and throwing 25.7. 


Moving down an age group to the U11s, with Joseph Rackowe finishing as the top Harrier in 4th overall and 3rd boy. Rackowe was consistent throughout the day, 11.6 in the 75m, 2:08 in the 600m and 1.73 in the standing long jump. His Howler especially stood out as it was the 4th furthest throw of the U11 competition, 27.9. Bertie Brookes was in flying form with the 3rd quickest 75m time of the day, 11.3. Joining together with a 600m time of 2:13, standing long jump of 1.77 and howler throw of 24.4 Brookes was able to finish as 6th boy and 8th overall. Ivy Wightman impressed with the 2nd farthest standing long jump in the U11 event, a huge 1.91. Wightman ran 12.2 in the 75m, 2:05 in the 600m and threw 20.4 with the howler meaning Wightman finished as 4th girl and 10th overall. Rosie Atkins enjoyed a brilliant set of events with 12.6, 2:12, 1.56 and18.2 in the 75m, 600m, standing long jump and howler respectively to finish 9th girl and 17th overall. Lottie Cook was 13th girl and 21st overall with performances of 11.5 in the 75m, 2:29 in the 600m, 1.74 in the standing long jump and 111.4 in the howler. Macy Howard and Jessica George had four very different events but ended up finishing equal 17th girl and 26th overall. Howard produced 13.9 in the 75m, 2:19 in the 600m, 1.61 in the standing long jump and 14.1 in the howler, meanwhile George ran 12.8 in the 75m, 2:13 in the 800m, jumped 1.51 in the standing long jump and threw 8.7 in the howler. Ellie Thomson chose to focus all her efforts on the 600m and was rewarded with the joint 3rd quickest time of the day, 2:02.