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New Club Vest

Following a decision to change our club colours at last month’s meeting, the Cheltenham Harriers committee are pleased to share some of the designs for our new club vest. We invite all athletes to give feedback on the three designs to their coaches, as we look to finalise the exact choice of the final design.

During discussions about how the club could become more environmentally friendly, it was felt that too many athletes were frequently purchasing a new club vest because their white Harriers vests would not come clean after some extremely muddy cross country races. Therefore, it was agreed that the main colour of the new club vest should be black.

We believe that having a black vest will have many advantages. Whilst being easy to wash is one such benefit, the black vest will also keep our runners warmer than the white vest at colder winter races. Some of our athletes will no doubt also be pleased that black is known to be a slimming colour, as we know they are always keen to look good in event photos. We are also pleased that the new vest will also feature the club badge, something that the old vest did not have.

To those opposed to the change, club historian Andrew Kaighin points out that the Harriers started off wearing red and black hoops and have also worn a white vest featuring a blue and red diamond. The current Harriers vest is also identical to the that worn by Daventry, whilst from a distance we can easily be confused with other clubs such as Croydon and Tonbridge.

The original plan had been to have the new design ready for September. However, with the current break in club activities, we will now plan to have the new vest ready for when track and field competition resumes later this summer. We have therefore registered our club colours as black with England Athletics from today's date of 1/4/2020.

Please let us know which of the designs below you prefer below.

Design A


 Design B



Design C