Sprint, Hurdles & Multi-Events Lockdown 2020 Training

19 June 2020

The Sprints, Hurdles & Multi-Events group have been training solidly through the lockdown, initially in isolation, then in pairs and now, mostly, back in groups of five with their coaches. They’ve been videoing and sharing their experiences on their group Instagram page (chelt_multievents) to keep each other motivated, and as a means of getting feedback from their coaches.

They’ve worked through various training plans which have been based around speed, endurance, 3km - 5km, hill sprints, block starts, aerobic & resistance circuits, as well as heavier weight work and training for shot & javelin. 

This video, Lockdown 2020, is a compilation that gives a little insight into the group’s work during this difficult time. Their coaches are so proud of the group’s work ethic, dedication, physical strength and mental wellbeing. 

Thanks to Jess for compiling this great video.